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Lil Peep - Crystals versuri lyrics


Oh, it ain't nothing
I'm just like this
Ski mask on my face
When I come sliding
To the just in the cut
With the bass ___?
Turn down this beat
And I listen to the ___? like the blunt smoke
___? like the wood smoke
Woke up on my ___? and I'm laying in another
Every night I'm in the jungle
I'm froze in the summer
In flames in the winter
Getting high with my brother Lil Peep
Getting high with me
Smoke weed, relax, and sit quietly
I smoke silently as I watch the smoke
I put it into my mouth, send it down to my throat
And I choke
But the blade is my killer
To slay is my mission
My blade with the crystal ___?
Give it to me and I'll surely make history
Sippin' this lean like I'm drinking the ___?
They wanna ___? but they don't let me ___?
I got thraxx in my pants
And I'm smokin' until I get damage
Fuck what the question is
Bitch, I'm the answer
Fuck what the cure is
Bitch, I am the cancer
Fuck all the ___?
Yeah, I can't be managed
Fuck all the humans, I live in the sand, bitch
Fuck with the prophet that ___? can't handle, hoe
[Lil Peep:]
I put my heart in this shit
I ripped the heart out the goat
Pull the blade out my coat
Cut your throat to the bone
On some Game of Thrones shit
I cannot fuck with no bitch
When she suckin' on somebody dick
That type of shit get me sick
I'm a prick but I don't fuck with bitches
That get my whole city whatever they want
If it's pussy, a lip on the tip of the dick
All of you wanna be rappers
But can't make no music to make that shit happen
And that's probably cause you just rap about trappin'
Or smackin' the next motherfucker that say that I act like I'm ballin'
All of y'all pussies is wack
Some of y'all pussies is rats
Half of y'all pussies is trash
And the other half of y'all is dying at night
What the fuck do that mean? Do the math
Step on the scene like the Hulk
Bitch, I'm green
Bitches on me, I'm the young Charlie Sheen
Rips in my jeans and my skin 'til I bleed
The reason you're losing your sleep is Lil Peep

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Oameni de zăpadă

Ninge sfânt şi păgân,
numai ochii ne rămân
despărţirea s-o mai vadă,
că în rest noi ne-am stins
și-am ajuns de-atâta nins
nişte oameni de zăpadă.
Ninge fără milă, ninge şi ne doare,
ninge cu fărâme albe de pian,
ninge cu tristeţe şi cu felinare
ninge ca la moartea încă unui an.
Câţi au fost de gardă - voie cer să doarmă,
câţi au fost cu somnul rătăcesc pe străzi,
ne aflăm în lume ca în ţevi de armă
când sugrumă lupii fragedele prăzi.
Ninge fără milă, cu vinovăţie,
ca o inculpare, ca un martor mut,
ninge cu o nuntă, ninge şi sfâşie,
se fărâmiţează ultimul salut.
Vai de noi femeie, ninge-a despărţire,
vom pleca departe unde-avem de mers,
ninge să despartă gheaţă şi iubire,
oarbe felinare cad din univers.
Ninge ca pe piatră peste carnea noastră,
ninge ca pe munte, ninge ca pe mort,
ninge incurabil, molimă albastră,
ninge pe vaporul scufundat în port.
Ninge peste buze, ninge peste pleoape,
ninge peste îngeri, ninge peste văi,
ninge peste clopot, ninge peste ape,
ninge incredibil peste ochii tăi.
Ninge în neştire, otova, aiurea,
ninge ca-n porecle, ninge ca-n blestem,
ninge ca un trăsnet, ninge ca pădurea,
ninge să se stingă vocea când te chem.
Ninge ca-n Esenin şi-n poema rusă,
ninge fantomatic şi bacovian,
ninge că sunt rece, ninge că eşti dusă,
ninge ca la moartea ultimului an.


To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth

Got a God and her bless!
I want everything she offers
and won't settle for less.
I see heaven under my feet as
well as over my head.
Bet you wish you were already dead,
always less done than said!
Met this guy who knows why
and he said 'I know were you go when you die'.
Told him how I felt for his God and that
I wasn't impressed, you see I'm already blessed.
I wanna ride,
gun in my hand, God on my side.
I've tried, so far no good,
more than a little misunderstood.
Love the fall, no control, they say
'It takes one to know one', well I know them all.
they say 'stupid is as stupid does'
and guess you will always be if you ever was.
I wanna ride,
gun in my hand, God on my side.
I've tried, so far no good,
more than a little misunderstood.


Lights Out

'Lights out everybody!'
Midnight, the subway train is here
and there's a body on the tracks but
you're trying not to care, sensationally
wicked it roars on through in the night.
'Look mom that body's got no head and it's
covered in blood, do you think the man is dead?'.
Your stomach turns, it itches and burns in the night!
It's the devils night out,
do you dare?
There ain't no hide out,
do you hear?
Look out, he picks out his gun,
pulls the trigger with frustration.
Stupidity aside it rings out with
the blast in the night.
A blown out brain decorates the wall,
goddamn I thought I'd seen it all.
Rush to the sink, they don't care what
you think in the night.
It's the devils night out,
do you dare?
It turns you inside
out with fear!
Lights out!
Time heals no wounds it just won't pass,
there ain't no promises that will last.
The world's a ghoul and you are
its shovel in the night.
And it goes without saying no man will
walk without praying but it will do you no
good unless you've understood what's
going down here in the night.
It's the devils night out,
do you dare, and they've
turned the lights out,
do you hear!?



'It is later than you think!'
Sudden low of an all time high,
willing to believe whatever gets me by.
So I got with the winning team but
nothing ever seem to be what is seems.
Yeah well I don't care,
I'm just too busy getting
from here to there.
I put my hand over the flame,
now nothing would ever be the same.
One day it's there, one day it's gone
and well I still feel like I'm the lucky one.
You know how they say
'Don't rock a boat if you're in it!'
Well the ship we're all in babe,
is sinking by a minute.
They say 'Don't listen it's all a bunch of bull!'
Well it's just what I've heard but they shoot
every bird that don't sing beautiful.
Everyday victory, everyday peace, just them
little, little things that keeps you off your knees.
Sunshine of a smile, subtle if you please,
them little victorys will keep you off your knees.
Come have a listen to what they got to say,
you know me, I'm just glad when it comes my way.
They say, 'Hey, we only hurt the ones we love!'
Well it's not the kind of comfort I was thinking of.