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New Dawn Awaits

I'm heading home tired and it's getting dark,
Tossing my coat to the backseat of my car.
Eyelids so heavy, I'm mesmerized by the lights,
Why do I have so many sleepless nights?
I see a shadowy figure forming in the mirror.
He wears my coat and I feel his suffocating grip.
'Hah, I got you now!' - laughs at me maniacally,
Everything gets blurry as I'm leaving this reality.
'It's gonna be okay!' - a distant voice echoes in my head.
Have I finally reached the other side or there's no end?
I see it now, I see all the things I threw away in my fear,
Yet I feel strangely content, as if it's meant to be this way.
A new dawn awaits and I can be wherever I want to be,
Feeling like a kid who found a new toy in the playground.
I'm at everywhere, yet I'm nowhere to make a change,
A price that I'm willing to pay if there's no escape.


Be my guest

In the dark, your face is lit up by the blue light
Searching for something precious to hold on
Tell me, please tell me what you're looking for?
There's nothing but the deafening silence
I'm right here yet you look right through me
I made a wrong decision, how could it be?
We used to believe in wonders and fairy tales
In their place came smoke and gears
We were only kids back then, dreaming big
With our hands, we could reach the sky
No, this can't be our reality
So what does it matter
If my world goes down the drain?
I tripped on the pavement of life
Seeing you laugh at my clumsiness
My pride gets swallowed by the emptiness
Emptiness, be my guest!
Emptiness, be my guest!
Emptiness, be my guest!
Emptiness, you're next!


Internet Friends

You can tell me anything I won't judge
I'm such a good soul, I hold no grudge.
Slap me in the face, kick me when I'm down
All I'm gonna do is greet you with a smile.
'Cause we are internet friends!
That's right!
'Cause we are internet friends!
Everything is allowed,
you heard it right, yeah!
But hey, this isn't how we supposed to talk
One day some silly thing will ignite the spark
I reach out to you but my help won't get across
Did you really think I won't feel any loss?
Of course you did!
'Cause we are internet friends!
That's right!
'Cause we are internet friends!
Everything is allowed,
you heard it right, yeah!



You planted the seed in my heart,
fears and doubts tearing me apart.
Here you are, melancholy!
My bittersweet sanctuary.
Looking back to yesterday,
today greets me in vain.
Coldness and indifference are the way,
chasing the new tales away.
You look at me but you don't see,
memories washed off by the rain.
The fog is lifted but I'm still blind
as I'm searching for my path.
You planted the seed in my heart
and I let it grew, I finished my part.
Here you are, melancholy!
Your blossoming is so heavy.


Losing My Mind

I can't stop now, so many things left to do
It's Friday or maybe Saturday as I look at the moon.
Waiting for a sign, waiting for a sweet lie
but there's only emptiness and silence.
I keep my pace, time waits for no man
yet my legs feel heavier in each moment.
My blood boils but I'm still acting cool,
No wonder if they take me for a fool.
Hoping to find the right path in the disarray
but there's war inside, anger blocks the way.
I feel it in my guts, it's an endless conflict
Bounded by sadness like an addict.
Tonight I'm gonna lose my mind, if that's okay
The last strings of my sanity have sailed away.
As if my soul is made of dancing silhouettes
My future burns down like cigarettes.
Tonight I'm gonna lose my mind, oh yeah, that's right
Turning the world upside down, can you guess why?
I'm far beyond any reasoning or common sense
Why would you want to think for yourself?


Farewell to June

Saying farewell to you, shining beauty
I just met you, yet I wish to escape
from your warm and suffocating embrace.
You brought joy then came the suffering.
Such a shame that I'm still holding on to you
While I'm on the edge, standing on the edge
My sweaty palms slowly losing the grip
of this fragile reality that I created.
What would be better I start to ponder
letting it go or should I surrender?
June is your name and you're about to leave
Whatever comes next, I won't be your slave.


Beneath the Oak Tree

Searching shelter from the blazing sun
I fix my eyes at your enormous trunk.
How many secrets you hold, oh wise one
Feels like I'm mesmerized by you almighty.
You stand strong and proud against all the odds
Come thunder, come lightning you're not fazed by it.
Your tall branches snaking their way up the sky
Running wild, nothing compares to this sight.
If only you could tell the stories of countless
tired laborers who rested beneath your canopy.
And the battles that were fought at your feet
Guns blazing, bombs exploding yet here you stand.
Oh tell me, why can't we appreciate this world,
When did we lose respect for you Mother Nature?
A loud buzzing noise breaks the idyllic view
And roaring engines devouring up the truth.
The nasty truth of our vile human nature
We might rule now but have no future.


Out of Time

Run-run-running out of time, let's hurry,
the wheels of time going faster after thirty.
Gotta wake up in time, 'cause a new day awaits,
making sure this fever dream never fades.
I like my coffee strong and bitter,
with sleepy eyes I check my twitter.
People lamenting about their daily troubles,
no one cares but at least the dust settles.
Here's the script, you better play the part,
the director won't let you having a change of heart.
The film rolls, everyone is in their place,
as the drama unfolds, hold me in your embrace.



Find that little spark of light,
that you treasure the most, like
a fragile piece of glass in the heart.
Bleeds and bleeds until you drop dead.
But whose to say we deserve to be fed?
With half truths and empty promises.
A new era is around the corner, but whose
going to say we will see the new dawn?
A beast lurking in our step, made its nest
in our thoughts, slowly devouring everything,
that was once dear or you believed them to be.
Do you still think you carve your own path?
Wishful thinking has got you this far, so why
would you stop now, near the entrance of light?
I reach out to you, take my hand if you dare.
This is not the time to be indecisive.
Which is it going to be?


Stuck in Time

What is real, what is fake,
Strong bonds were shaped,
From the ashes of an old world.
Her cry out was finally heard.
Cursed by fate or destiny,
Nothing will be this heavy.
Walking down a perilous road,
Of feelings that might be old.
But the worst is yet to come,
Said the raven's twisted tongue.
What is yours will be mine,
Feathers flew up in the sky.
What is real, what is fake,
Desires and dreams will take,
Altering the course of fate,
Once decisions were made.


The giant and the struggler

A giant crossed the red ocean today,
and made the heavens crumble in it's path.
Oh come and see his triumph over the light,
as you try to reach it for one last time.
The spreading darkness slowly devours the weak,
coming from each and every corner of the world.
But fear not struggler, you may find peace,
in the sweet melody of your passing dreams.
Descending into the abyss once again,
to meet the glare of the shadowy figure.
The time has come to put an end to this,
until it traps you in it's cold embrace.
A tiny spark called hope erupts
from the bonfire of forsaken lives.
The void is shattered, you are free,
and the giant crumbles into the sea.


Invitation to Hell

Come down to the boiling pits below,
we are all here to celebrate this day.
Dancing and kissing in this fiery core,
until our flesh and bones are no more.
This won't hurt you dear, as you know,
your hollow eyes mirroring an empty soul.
Reaching the end of a shallow existence,
a shadowy figure waves in the distance.
Standing knee deep in the ashes
of countless lives and dreams.
We are the only ones to blame,
always seeking fortune and fame.
Just before everything goes dark,
a fleeting thought crosses the mind.
When did we stopped caring and why,
do we only feel the need to cry.