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I Am Free

You think I'm a weirdo,
but look out your window.
It's my decision
to make the world my vision.
When I walk down the street,
everything looks quite sweet.
I think I might pass
on eating from this guy's grass.
Aren't you scared of the germs?
This is how you get worms!
Anything can be food
if you're in the right mood.
'Cause I am free!
It's the key,
doesn't matter what people think of me.
I pick things up from the ground,
keep everything that I found.
[Gumball:] What will you do with this trash?
[Darwin:] It's gonna give you a rash!
[Sussie:] I offer it to my friends,
so they can see life through my lens.
[Sussie, Gumball, & Darwin:] La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la!
[Sussie:] My laugh is not gracious,
but it is contagious.
It's important to share
all the joy you have spare.
[Sussie, Gumball, & Darwin:] 'Cause I am free!
It's the key,
doesn't matter what people think of me.
So I brush my teeth with goo,
I drink my soup from my shoe,
I keep mayo in my pocket,
turn a snake into a puppet,
Toot to a solo flute,
I like to sing in the nude,
But only at the shopping center,
the acoustics are much better,
Plant a sausage in the ground,
so that a new pig comes around—
[Sussie, Gumball, & Darwin:] 'Cause I am free!
It's the key, doesn't matter what people think of me.



I wanna say you're a really good guy
But we both know that would be a lie
It's been a nightmare being your friend
So it's time for this charade to end
I can't say goodbye
'Cause you might grind me down into meat pie
I'll tell the school that you've got avian flu
So it'll be their job to get rid of you
I hope they put you into quarantine
Or lock you up until you turn eighteen
So maybe then I'll never have to fear
That you might suddenly bite off my ear
Please don't bite off my ear
I can't say goodbye
My face will be too mangled to identify
If I could get your house repossessed
You'd be forced to relocate to your gran's in the Northwest
I could get you arrested for stealing a car
I could get you a job as a miner
I could ship you in a crate to Qatar
Or sell you a kebab to a dirty diner
It's not real meat, anyway
I could get your folks to forget you on the freeway
Sell you to a freak show on its way to Uruguay
I could get you stuck on a fairground ride (forever)
Send you to a wedding in Somewhere-stan with you as the bride
I can't say goodbye
But it's no use trying to deny
That I don't wanna be friends with you
So do whatever you have to do


The fun will never end

Howdy: Dance around and sing a song!
The fun will never stop, yeah!
Frank: We have fun all day long,
It says so on the clock!
Howdy: So wear a hat, wear no hat!
Frank: Or wear two hats, if you prefer!
We only have two hats,
So those are your only options.
Howdy: So put them on and bake a cake!
Frank: And while you wait for the cake to bake,
Begin to prepare a second cake.
Howdy: You did it wrong with that first cake.
Frank: It's your turn with the balloon!
Howdy and Frank: The fun will never end!
Howdy: Organize a spoon!
Howdy and Frank: The fun will never end!
Frank: Count to the funnest number!
Number 7: The fun will never end!
Howdy: Go to your favorite corner!
Howdy and Frank: The fun will never end!
Darwin: I don't know what's going on.
Howdy and Frank: The fun will never end!
Darwin: I'm not sure this is that fun.
Howdy and Frank: The fun will never end!
Grady: You always used to play with us,
Now's our turn to play with you.
Howdy: So play along, don't make a fuss!
Frank: And we'll come up with things to do!
Grady: We'll make you dance, we'll make you fight.
Howdy: You'll smear yourself with worms all night!
Grady: We'll make you eat toenails and grease.
Frank: We'll make you wear an itchy fleece!
Grady: We'll see if you break when you bend!
The fun will never end! The fun will ne—
Grady: [Spoken] Wait, what's that?
Darwin: [Spoken] The end of the fun.


Frumoasa fată [Fine Lady]

Va fi o zi grozavă
E ca o stea noaptea sau soarele-n zori
De cum te privește mintea ți-o și sucește
Topește gheața, munții iar răsturna
Sau dacă nu, măcar ți-ar strânge inima
E o fată, frumoasă fată
Parcă ar fi un înger ce tocmai a picat din cer
E o fată, grozavă fată
Orice drăguță, pisicuță
Îți jur pe inimioara mea curată
Va fi doar a mea,
Va fi doar a mea
Va fi numai a mea
Mulțumesc, nici o problemă
Gumball ce se petrece
Exact cum ai spus
Întreaga zi, toată lumea
s-a dat peste cap pentru mine
Hei, fetițo!
Nu mai merge.


Christmas Is Cancelled

Silence the ringing, turn off all the light.
Stop all the singing, no dinner tonight.
Come shed some tears for wishes unanwser
Give back all your gifts for christmas is cancelled.
Chop down the tree for christmas is cancelled


Honesty Rap

Uh, uh, uh, uh, honesty!
Uh-uh-uh-uh-ah-ah-ah, honesty!
Break it down
When you wanna be honest, just beware
The truth hurts in this nitrogenic atmosphere
You gotta wake up, realize and recognize
The time for truth, and strategical lies
But keep them lies of a manageable size,
Or tears will arise, and hurt their eyes!
So before you speak, it's best to remember:
Each individual case will require a specific judgement call,
Depending on who you are talking to, and the context of the conversation!


Fine Lady

She's as cool as night-time
And she's as bright as day
When you looks in your eyes
She takes your breath away
She can move a mountain, make a fire start
Or on a smaller scale she could break your heart
She's a lady, a fine lady
She looks like an angel
She's sent from above
She's a lady, a super lady
And with this kitten I´m smitten
I'm bitten by the bug they call love
And now the lady may be mine (The lady may be mine)
Ah yeah, the lady may be mine


Sugar Rush Song

Sugar cubes: Everywhere you look and everywhere you go
Sugar, sugar, sugar from your head to your toes
When you've eaten lots of sugar and you've had too much
Watch out everybody, it's a sugar rush!
Watch out everybody, it's a sugar rush!
Gumball's heart: It tickles!
Everything was fast
Now everything is slow
I'm all alone, in my sugar low
Where did everybody go?!


I'm On My Way

I'm on my way, I'm on my way!
I've got my lungs and that's a start,
And I've got my love inside my heart
I'm on my way, I'm on my way!
I may be tiny and alone,
But I won't stop until I'm home.
I'm on my way, I'm on my... way!
And though you hear my stomach grumble,
I'll still make it back to Gumball...
Across the deserts and the valleys
Past the bears that growl and roar,
At last I've made it home to Elmore! Awww...
Still on my way, still on my way
And though the journey's pretty slow,
I know I'm gonna find my bro.
I've reached the top, and I won't...stop!
My heart will fly when I find Gumball
I won't stop, give up, or stumble…