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Splendid Counterattack

Who, where, are all the enemies around us
I look and yet I never seem to know
Tonight I say that fate is in the moment
Right here among us
So before you go hating on another
Why don't you try and love the way I do
Something is telling me that we're all human
We want the same thing
Don't you go and worry so much
'Bout your manners, it's not nice, no
Go on, life it never moves too slow
So don't spend it waiting
Thanks to all of you, we'll dazzle even brighter now
Let the diamond thrill our hearts tonight
Brighter than the stars, oh radiant, the only one
Take me back to wild delight
Most unusually, defenseless are we
We'll offer a reply, unknown, out of sight
No, not a single enemy is hiding
Too true no matter if you take it off
Wall everybody wants to tremble some yeah
Before the war starts
Don't you go and worry so much
'Bout what happens, it's not fun, no
Go on, life is not so big you know
No time like the moment
Thanks to all of you, we'll push it even further now
Let the diamond sear our hearts tonight
Stay right here with me, we'll find the fuse and blow it up
Test me now, my manic delight
Universally defenseless are we
We'll make it on our own and start a new world
Don't think much of this, hey, go ahead make fun of it
Oh, I haven't yet begun to fight
All that I have said still hasn't been the best of it
So much more is coming to you
Thank you everyone and welcome to the diamond light
Shimmer with me hey now here tonight
Nothing can come up that ever keeps us down again
We'll just simply laugh at our plight
I'll get out of here while I've got the chance

The Heavy Metallic Girl

Moonlight in the deep of night silences the truth inside
Moist as my lips get tonight they don't move, they don't move
Sunlight on the open day takes away all honesty
Dry as my eyes get again they don't see, they don't see
Nobody says a thing that would mean a thing
Reach out your hand and touch my skin
I think you'll find that I'm cold
No matter what light you shine on me
You know I have a poor concept of time
Heavy metallic am I, built of natural toxic entities
Living things are recognized only after they have died
Everything gets simplified when your blood has gone cold
Nobody knows anything that could mean a thing
Do what you will you won't deceive someone whose mind can't forget
No way you can fool this memory
See how I yawn and yawn, the time goes by
Heavy metallic am I, built of thick, enduring substances
I won't break down though you can try I'll just replace my disguise
I throw off the shots you send at me
See how my words come few and far between
Heavy metallic am I, and about to spill out toxicity
I don't want to harm anyone, so please kill me

The Adult Code

Sighs in the blackest black abiding,
as soon as one dies, one is rising
with the night so dark and cold,
the wishes I make are swallowed up and hidden away
Breath of the whitest white is
what I most wish to say down deep now inside
Can a voice so numb and cold have some song to sing?
It could be false, or reality
The things I like, or hate, or things I want to gain
Whatever's feeling good is what my lines would say
For setting off the black from white, it'd work perfectly
Though like a chant of ruination it'd be
Why did I think that since I'd studied
the latest schoolbook I'd know clearly
What's right from what's wrong, and which is which one,
that I could choose, I could really know?
I live according to stage-right, stage-left, exit
Improvisation's not been in my bag of tricks
So much of what I want to say pours out noisily
But never when you're not here alone with me
What I know that I hold in my hands I want to set free,
think of how much lighter you and I would feel then
Every word, every wall, every curse and sparing nothing, strip it,
take it all away to once again see eye to eye
The things I like, or hate, or things I want, expect,
Though if I let them out, I think, what happens next?
Well, setting off the white from black is fearful indeed
It's even more so when you live honestly
This life is long, so long, the world is wide, I say,
And when we've freedom won, it all becomes one gray
Yes, happiness, unhappiness, it's only the heart
That knows no quietude that makes itself known
While an adult can keep a secret alone

¿Dónde Quiere Estar Mi Alma Viajera?

I will cross that mountain high
and reach the side that is not clear here
What is waiting who can know and I don't know,
I've got to find out there
You take your steps,
you stop and look but you can't seem to move much ahead
So why don't you give in to wild instinct to begin running free
Maybe start running free
I will cross another wave and reach a shore I can't be sure of
All alone, what can it mean,
I can't resist and must learn what it seems
You swim and swim,
float on your back but still never can quite catch your breath
So why don't you toss all this sentiment immersed in memory
Maybe start sailing free
I do not think there was ever a single thing to lose
I will cross over this life
and reach the side that no one knows here
Oh, a heart with no more tears is like an end, an end without an end
I must find it there