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We're All Winners

We beat the anger out of the neon city,
running all our lives from the eternal preaching

I Lie in Fields of Blue, Tender Memories and Waves of Grey

As the sun dies and the warmth of the earth fades,
as I lie in fields of blue, tender memories and waves of grey

Squander Away All of Your Fortunes

Squander away all of your fortunes,
savor the pleasures in this present moment,
crush your chance for any redemption,
but don't you dare lie, let's be honest:
You're not looking for a continuation,
you're not looking for the plains of paradise,
you're not looking to save your soul from damnation,
you're not looking for the Holy Spirit tonight.
You're looking to burn in fires of hell,
to melt into your deepest forbidden desires,
an eternity of unrest, for a wretched and vile soul,
in the devil's kingdom you've found a home.


Don’t Weep, I’m Already Gone

Perilous waves travel through,
paving the way for an omen or two,
it's a sign that it's time to start packing,
uproot your whole life into a single baggage.
There will be other chances to do it all,
other moments to build what was lost,
but another like you, I'm afraid I'll never find,
a life of my own, where you were once mine.
Alas, put to rest these worries and lessen the blow,
when I dream in the night, you'll see where I go,
to the lands of my ancestors, home of my people,
burying you there alongside my equals.