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Crez polemic

Domnule Eminescu

un epigon

Nu sunt

Nu sunt



În numele

Costel Zăgan, HIPERBOLE BLITZ, 2005

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Goodbye, no use leading with our chins
This is where our story ends
Never lovers, ever friends!
Goodbye, let our hearts call it a day
But before you walk away
I sincerely want to say
Goodbye, bye
Goodbye, bye
You told me that I was crazy
'Til I pulled up on your man and you
You looked like the devil when you waved at me
Bitch, I got something to say to you
Goodbye, bye
Yeah, I cracked my windshield
Lucky that I didn't crack you
Bitch, you're a black hole
Sucking me in your vacuum
Yeah, I cracked my windshield
Lucky that I didn't crack you
And I'm feeling drunk in this hotel room trying ask you
Bout all of your past dudes
And why they stay so present
Cause bitch if I'm the future, then why they in yo presence
And if I'm the king and you the queen
Then why you acting like a peasant?
Why you acting like a peasant?
I thought that you were gonna tell all of your exes
Goodbye, bye
(Fucked it all up! Stupid!)
Let me start with Paul
Have fun on your farm!
While you counting your chickens
And your goats while you getting dogged
Cause you think you love Paola
Cause you went and fucked Paola
But you're just enamored by pussy power
Cause you never really got it
So when she threw it, yeah, you caught it
And I knew it but I bought it
And Paul's just your puppy
Better keep him on your leash
Cause the second that he finally gets some more pussy he's gonna leave
But round of applause for all the losers like Paul!
(That's just one bum you should've told)
Goodbye, bye
Yeah, let me name these hoes!
There was Blake, there was Devon
There was Igor, there was Paul
Then I found out you're a prostitute
So there's more names than I recall!
Should've listened to the cops!
Should've listened to my pops!
Should've listened to Bugus
Man, why did I not?
Because I, I really loved you
Oh, I, I really loved you
But you're a money hungry ho
Guess what I'm saying
You told me that I was crazy
'Til I pulled up on your man and you
You looked like the devil when you waved at me
Bitch, I got something to say to you
Goodbye, bye
(Know you fucked this up!)
(And I'm a call you from the Grammies, too!)
(Hopefully you pick up, so I can tell you again)

The Beggar

you don’t have to say you love me
don’t have to stay right by my side
don’t need to tell all the world girl
everything is alright
you don’t have to give me anything
I won’t stand in your way
Just hold me love me need me want me to stay
you say life is beautiful
from the place that you stand
how you don’t need a lot of nothing girl
but I just wanna hold your hand
I just wanna give you everything
that my words can convey
just hold me love me need me want me to stay
try a little tenderness
baby won’t you try
just let me stay a while
just let it be
cuz maybe its meant to last
maybe you’ll see
that you can be my sun and moon
and I could be your day
If you hold me love me need me want me to stay

Goodbye and Hello

The antique people are down in the dungeons
Run by machines and afraid of the tax
Their heads in the grave and their hands on their eyes
Hauling their hearts around circular tracks
Pretending forever their masquerade towers
Are not really riddled with widening cracks
And I wave goodbye to iron
And smile hello to the air
O the new children dance -- I am young
All around the balloons -- I will live
Swaying by chance -- I am strong
To the breeze from the moon -- I can give
Painting the sky -- You the strange
With the colors of sun -- Seed of day
Freely they fly -- Feel the change
As all become one -- Know the Way
The velocity addicts explode on the highways
Ignoring the journey and moving so fast
Their nerves fall apart and they gasp but can't breathe
They run from the cops of the skeleton past
Petrified by tradition in a nightmare they stagger
Into nowhere at all and they look up aghast
And I wave goodbye to speed
And smile hello to a rose
O the new children play -- I am young
Under the juniper trees -- I will live
Sky blue or gray -- I am strong
They continue at ease -- I can give
Moving so slow -- You the strange
That serenely they can -- Seed of day
Gracefully grow -- Feel the change
And yes still understand -- Know the Way
The king and the queen in their castle of billboards
Sleepwalk down the hallways dragging behind
All their possessions and transient treasures
As they go to worship the electronic shrine
On which is playing the late late commercial
In that hollowest house of the opulent blind
And I wave goodbye to Mammon
And smile hello to a stream
O the new children buy -- I am young
All the world for a song -- I will live
Without a dime -- I am strong
To which they belong -- I can give
Nobody owns -- You the strange
Anything anywhere -- Seed of day
Everyone's grown -- Feel the change
Up so big they can share -- Know the Way
The vaudeville generals cavort on the stage
And shatter their audience with submachine guns
And Freedom and Violence the acrobat clowns
Do a balancing act on the graves of our sons
While the tapdancing Emperor sings 'War is peace'
And Love the Magician disappears in the fun
And I wave goodbye to murder
And smile hello to the rain
O the new children can't -- I am young
Tell a foe from a friend -- I will live
Quick to enchant -- I am strong
And so glad to extend -- I can give
Handfuls of dawn -- You the strange
To kaleidoscope men -- Seed of day
Come from beyond -- Feel the change
The Great Wall of Skin -- Know the Way
The bloodless husbands are jesters who listen
Like sheep to the shrieks and commands of their wives
And the men who aren't men leave the women alone
See them all faking love on a bed made of knives
Afraid to discover or trust in their bodies
And in secret divorce they will never survive
And I wave goodbye to ashes
And smile hello to a girl
O the new children kiss -- I am young
They are so proud to learn -- I will live
Womanwood bliss -- I am strong
And the manfire that burns -- I can give
Knowing no fear -- You the strange
They take off their clothes -- Seed of day
Honest and clear - Feel the change
As a river that flows - Know the Way
The antique people are fading out slowly
Like newspapers flaming in mind suicide
Godless and sexless directionless loons
Their sham sandcastles dissolve in the tide
They put on their deathmasks and compromise daily
The new children will live for the elders have died
And I wave goodbye to America
And smile hello to the world


Strofa 1:
Aici s-au nascut toate mai mult rele decat bune
Aici sunt suflete negre ca praful de carbune
Aici are balta peste, ca malul e plin de tarfe
Aici si fratii se iubesc inveliți cu barfe
Aici taximetristii, iti fac pret pe cursa
Aici tot mai putini studenti invata pentru bursa
Aici lumea se ia la pumni pe locul din tramvai
Aici cumperi painea de la straini cu flori de mucegai
Aici scolile ne cresc elevi si talente grele
Ies genii cu 8 clase pe ritmuri de manele
Aici iti cumperi mertan sa-ntorci privirile
Dar sa stai in chirie cu restante la ntretinere
Aici s-au inventat vrajeala, mandria si fala
Aici conduc orase primari ce s au certat cu scoala
Aici nu mai sunt oameni, ca s au pierdut cu firea
Aici ura calca in picioare caldura si iubirea
Cu inima-n palme si sufletul meu
Cu inima-n palme pe pamantul meu
Ca nicaieri..
Nicaieri nu- i ca acasa! (x2)
Strofa 2:
Aici haina de preot luceste mult in soare
Cand pleaca cu plasa de bani de la-nmormantare
De-aici ne-au plecat fratii si parintii cu un gand
Cu spetante-n ochi in aeroport plangand
Aici cartoful romanesc e scump ca sampania,
Ca i mai bun ala dublu la preț adus din Spania
Aici intri in spital sa cauti vindecare,
Dar iesi cu 10 boli in plus bun de reanimare
Aici copii stiu ce-i saracia de la nastere
Aici mes pustii plang cand vine Paştele
Aici tații lacrimeaza privind ranile de palme
Aici ploua cu Oscaruri pentru atatea drame
Aici e ca niciunde fara demnitate-n frunte
Aici prostia e plantata graunte cu graunte
Aici lupii dorm in stana cu oile in dinti
Aici copii au ingropat respectul fața de parinți
Cu inima-n palme si sufletul meu
Cu inima-n palme pe pamantul meu
Ca nicaieri..
Nicaieri nu- i ca acasa! (x:2)
Strofa 3:
Aici m-am nascut si eu sub toporul de calau
Cu un picior in hau, dar nu- mi pare rau
Ca iubesc prea mult un pamant si un neam
Ce inca poarta rani de la secera si ciocan
Aici e locul unde copilele-s educate
Sa plece afara sa gaseasca magnati in cluburi de noapte
Aici gaborii-s mai hoti, decat infractorii
Aici se-ascund batrani sub haine mancate de molii
Aici s-a inventat vrajeala, fala si prosteala
Si nasul pe sus la care n-ajungi nici cu scara
Aici sunt suflete prea multe, dar prea putini cu suflet
Aici femeile-s iubite c-un pumn si cu un urlet
Aici se varsa lacrimi, aici nu prea se rade
Aici bancile-s regine cu statut de gâde
De-aici as vrea sa plec, dar ceva ma ține
Poate gandul si speranța ca aici va fi mai bine
Cu inima-n palme si sufletul meu
Cu inima-n palme pe pamantul meu
Ca nicaieri..
Nicaieri nu- i ca acasa! (x:2)