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Psychonaut 4

Lethargic Dialogue

You don't need eyes to see me
You don't need ears to hear me
You don't need your body to touch me
You need your soul to feel me
I see ..... I hear.... I touch ... I feel
I remember i slept (but that wasn't) a dream
There was a bottle (on a table, & a dirty) needle
There wasn't a reason, there wasn't a time
It was pure colours, space and light
The dead sun over my head, lighting on my scared hand
Bluring almost everything, travels through my head
I fell like I'm only word, the only son of myself
Seeking joy on this planet, destroying everything else
I've never touched the pure, i'm spreading pain and hate
I've only touched the illness, i'm taking your joy away
I ask to myself for a silence, i can't hear to my screams anymore
(Razor blade is cutting my feelings, just like a fall of the leaves)
We'll never find the cure, useless me and useless you
We'll never find the cure, liar me and hopeless you


Don’t you feel that it’s your...
It’s your time to stay...
Think how to kill the...
I know the one true...
The more I trip the less I...
Try the DXM and you will...
Wake me up!
Feed... me!
Dress me up!
And suck... me!
Сейчас я расскажу вам секрет счастья на двоих :
Для этого нужно :
Тип, вена, шприц, трип....
Берём 20 таблеток «Ефедрин» - а, на чистом листке растираем их в порошок,
Шприцом отмериваем 20 кубов воды и заливаем в чистый стакан...
На порошок на листе насыпаем марганцовку, не много... совсем чуть-чуть...
А то весь кайф сгорит....
Перемешаем порошок и засыпать в стакан с водой.
Мешаем пока раствор не примет цвет говна и не будет пахнуть “Amaretto Disaronno”.
И не появится говнистая пенка..
На рабочую машину... 20(ку) на иглу наматываем коня (так называемую ватку).
И постепенно вытягиваем прозрачный раствор из стакана.
Идёт туго?? – Тем лучше, значит хорошего коня намотали.
И вот всё,20 кубов вытянули, делаем по 10 кубов на человека – «БЬЁМСЯ».
И так: - «Тип, Вена, Трип, Шприц.....

Antihuman [Drug=Друг]

Anti future and anti life…
Anti husband and anti wife
Anti neighbours and anti friends…
Anti girlfriend and anti sex
Anti DJs and Anti clubs…
Anti health and anti DRUGS
Anti tears and anti night…
Anti knife and anti life
Anti genius and anti mad
ANTIHUMAN was born today,
He burns his life, as fast he can…
(Parents, look at us:)
(We grew up) Bastards and whores…
(But we are) Your daughters and sons…
Drug- мой Друг
Drug- мой Друг
Drug- мой Друг

Wor(l)d Of Pain And Hate

I Hate you, for all dust, for all your dirt
I Hate you, I was never part of you
I Hate you, for all my pain and hate
I Hate you, for all lies and drugs
I am bitter pill called anti-world!
I am the Best Way to Die!
I gonna drown down your last hope and ruin 'life'!
Мир - иди на х*й, мне без тебя веселей
Мир - иди на х*й, ты так же противен как венерическое заболевание
С*чьи дети, мне веселей без вас
С*чьи дети, идите нах*й
7 hours of inflamed conscious,
empty bottles of DMX syrup,
'blablabla, blablabla'
I'm too drunk to explain to you something
anyway, all my words are just 'blablabla' for you, bitches
you deserve your fucking world!
you deserve yourself!
you deserve me too!
We're so fucking drung and blind,
so fucking blind!

My Despair Can't Be Explained

frozen city, headlights and flashlights
every sip of vodka makes me warmer.
I hate strangers
I can`t look into their eyes, but I know there is no life.
maybe, you're the most terrible one who I`ve ever fucked
Even so, I plunged into the worse dirtyness
there is a substance on your stomach, I cumed, that is a part of me
you like dirty sex, and I like falling into the mud...
the butt burns my fingers, it gives me a burst of drunk aggression
I`ve forgotten something, oh yeah, tomorrow I'll hate myself,
however, as always...
My despair can`t be explained, I’m my own victim, I’m my own victim.
the remains of morning erection disappears with my desire to struggle my addiction.
I have no strength...
This town is dead out,except the sparrows, who pecked out the eyes of the sun, and it lost the way to my room...
my bleak room is so damp and small, that it couldn`t hold in their peeling walls my despointment.
I can see a dream. I sleep. Rare feeling of hunger. I am sleeping, dreaming… many days long...
My despair can`t be explained, I’m my own victim, I’m my own victim.
My life is as the cheapest porn film - so short and dirty.
I guess I stumbled around and now I`m falling into a viscous swamp of vice;
it`s too late to ask, to forgive and it`s too late to forget myself, too late to recall, too late to laugh or to cry, it`s too late to live and too late to die...
My despair can`t be explained, I’m my own victim, I’m my own victim.

Too late to call an ambulance

He did not leave a note, they usually leave.
He did not even clean his room.
The reek of alcohol in the room
And you know, a peculiar smell of blood.
He lies on the floor, probably fell off the chair.
I immediately understood everything, as soon as I saw his face.
Pale, even white.
Through slightly parted lips
Appeared his yellow teeth ,
It’s all over. There’s nothing here to do.
For nothing you circle him, trying to help.
No need to shout, I have a headache because of your screams.
He just got tired of being a bastard.
Do not try to return life,
Which emerged from a huge cut on his arm.
Too late to call an ambulance,
It's all over with him,
Too late to call the ambulance.