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Stuck in Time

What is real, what is fake,
Strong bonds were shaped,
From the ashes of an old world.
Her cry out was finally heard.
Cursed by fate or destiny,
Nothing will be this heavy.
Walking down a perilous road,
Of feelings that might be old.
But the worst is yet to come,
Said the raven's twisted tongue.
What is yours will be mine,
Feathers flew up in the sky.
What is real, what is fake,
Desires and dreams will take,
Altering the course of fate,
Once decisions were made.

The giant and the struggler

A giant crossed the red ocean today,
and made the heavens crumble in it's path.
Oh come and see his triumph over the light,
as you try to reach it for one last time.
The spreading darkness slowly devours the weak,
coming from each and every corner of the world.
But fear not struggler, you may find peace,
in the sweet melody of your passing dreams.
Descending into the abyss once again,
to meet the glare of the shadowy figure.
The time has come to put an end to this,
until it traps you in it's cold embrace.
A tiny spark called hope erupts
from the bonfire of forsaken lives.
The void is shattered, you are free,
and the giant crumbles into the sea.

Invitation to Hell

Come down to the boiling pits below,
we are all here to celebrate this day.
Dancing and kissing in this fiery core,
until our flesh and bones are no more.
This won't hurt you dear, as you know,
your hollow eyes mirroring an empty soul.
Reaching the end of a shallow existence,
a shadowy figure waves in the distance.
Standing knee deep in the ashes
of countless lives and dreams.
We are the only ones to blame,
always seeking fortune and fame.
Just before everything goes dark,
a fleeting thought crosses the mind.
When did we stopped caring and why,
do we only feel the need to cry.