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FBG Duck

I’m From 63RD

First of all I don't know no stripper bitch from Kankakee
And that nigga in that video he can’t be me
Lil Durk why you send this fucking little boy to play with me?
Why you ain't do that shit yourself if you got sum say to me
They trying to tell me don't say nothing
But I just can’t keep quiet okay now I get violent
Nigga play with me somebody dying
Gang gang gang I'm finna start a riot lot of bullets flying
All these mother fucking crazy stories fuck it let me try it
I met this stripper bitch she from Minnesota
While I was bending her over
Nigga kicked the door
I bought the Glock shot him in his shoulder
The other nigga tried to get closer hit him in the head it was over
All you see was brains on the wall, brains on the sofa
You shouldn't seen that shit
It was brains every where you wouldn't believe that shit
Even made these kids watch them had to see that shit
See how nun of that shit was true but y'all believe that shit
They might sell that shit to y'all but won't sell me that shit
You a sacrifice he sent you to get bodied
Basically he just signed you over to the Illuminati
Now a nigga dead body pow now a nigga dead by me
(Damn that's crazy, that was where I say it blew)
Anyways I didn’t trap but I was in the trap on Tooka grave
You was one of them niggas that I would smack
Now you one of them niggas that I would clap
Then again I think like he is one of them niggas that lie in all his raps
Boy you fucking up my clientele, ay
Go and get you, motherfucking boss, you might as well
How the fuck you tote your gun your pants tight as hell
How you run from 12? shit he probably fell
Aye what’s that motherfucking word bitch
Aye dissing on the gang you go some nerves bitch
Ay, are you from the O lil hoe?
Well give me brain like a nerd bitch
She got super mad when I said I'm from 63rd bitch