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The Mad Doctors - Shes a Psycho versuri lyrics

She's a Psycho

'Hoho, this city was crumbling with decay.
Now it's creepin' with murderers, junkies and who knows what else.
What's worse, I ask? What's worse?
-Somebody! Somebody help!
Her instincts are sharp, but her scissors... are sharper.
-She's gettin' away!
Her insatiable lust for human gore makes her the most dangerous of all killers...
She's a psycho!'
Stay away from the woman
Walking down your street
She's the kind of temptress
You don't wanna meet
Some might say she is a psycho
She's a psycho
But I don't care
Some might say she is a psycho
She's a psycho
But I'm not scared
She's keeping secrets
In the locks of her hair
You can see the demons
Living in her stare
Some might say she is a psycho
She's a psycho
But I don't care
Some might say she is a psycho
She's a psycho
But I'm not scared

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Uncle Tom

(Obama talking)
gun-control from Uncle Tom
gun-control from Uncle Tom
pull your pants down and bend over, here it comes
gun control from Uncle Tom
executive order, legislation done
there's no discussion, the king just made it law
eff off..
one hundred million people are unemployed
how the hell is that five percent
well it looks like you been using common core
and you treat your mother like a canyon whore
gun control from Uncle Tom, his loaf of bread is almost gone
can you hear me Uncle Tom
can you hear me Uncle Tom
can you hear me Uncle Tom
can you hear the people calling you vagina..
all across the land..
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take a trip to the City of Chicago
three thousand shootings last year
tell me how the laws in the City of Chicago
have helped you to stop any crime


Lockdown in Coronavirus Land

if people cough, please don't breathe in
wear a mask or you'll be sneezin'
it's a horrible life, cause COVID is rife
we're locked down in Coronavirus land
gone outside for essentials
bars are closed, life's rudimental
we're washing our hands, the government demands
that we're locked down in Coronavirus land
in the meadow we can bury Grandad
and pretend he died from something else
he had a pretty good innings, we shouldn't be so sad
and at least he won't be locked down, down in hell (so..)
hands are clean, we're disinfected,
thank god Trump's not re-elected
it wasn't a joke, now people are broke
and we're locked down in Coronavirus land
Ooooohhh Coronavirus land..
in the future we can take our masks off
we won't have to worry 'bout the bug
as for right now, if a loved one does cough
we must be sure to keep ourselves locked up
pray to god we get that vaccine
we wake up from this bad dream
we can hug all our friends
we can french kiss again
and bring this COVID lockdown to an end
bring this quarantine to an end
and bring this COVID lockdown.. to an end..


I am essential



I Am Essential (and you're not)

I've washed my hands, time after time
I've watched every movie on NETFLIX and Amazon Prime
and bad mistakes, I've made a few
tis guy had a cough, and i gave him a hug
and i licked his face, too
(Oh my goodness you're a Moron, Moron, Moron, Moron)
I am essential, my friends
and I'll keep on working til the end
I am essential, I am essential
no time for Covid, cause I am essential
and you're not..
I've bleached every surface
I've Lysol'd it all
You had a cough, a fever, and everything that goes with it
it was a close call
we've cancelled vacations, there's no pleasure cruise
i've gained eighty pounds, i've taken up smokes
and i only drink booze
(OMFG you're a Moron, moron, moron, moron..)
(REF)(skip last line)