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Irish Stew - I Will Never (Be Your Friend) versuri lyrics

I Will Never (Be Your Friend)

You came into my world
Settled me down in spite of my wild life
You took my hand, I felt so strong
When I saw myself in your skyblue eyes
And the more I looked at you the more you smiled at me
And the more we talked I lived my sweetest dream
I tried to move my head, I tried to close my eyes
‘twas only you I could see, and then I realised...
I will never be your friend
Life has always been worse than it seemed
I feel so sad, I just pretend
You’re so close, but so far away from me
Her skin was white like a lily
Her bonny cheeks were red as a rose
Her eyes were blue as the ocean
She made me happy, was just one of those
And then one day, after time of happiness
She made me sad and made me think of the end
She picked the colours, painted my entire world
Then soiled all she painted with a hasty move
Cold morning, still the same
Now every drop of dew is a teardrop in my eye
And these wounds don’t seem to heal
The clock is counting down in my tired heart
The last time I saw you was at N.N.W.O
I killed my seventh pint and I wanted seven more
I was as ruined as ship that couldn’t reach the shore
The time cannot erase the things we shared before
And now, I’m roaming the streets
Refreshing memory of what we used to be
Will I give myself another try?
The only home I’ve ever had was in your arms
Now I feel so hollow, lost in space and time
But there’s a flame, still burning in this heart of mine
I’ll give myself a try to find another way
At least I’ll roam again and again…

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Blinded by Life

In a web of confusion you're strangled by your fear
A hopeless situation you've been in for years
No hope for tomorrow, no hope for today
Always defending mistakes that you've made
When you're lost on the wrong side and you're feeling no pain
You plead for absolution but nothing's left to gain
You're far from the truth and you're near to what's right
Make a decision without losing sight
You're blinded by life and the mask is your darkness
Blinded by life with one foot in the grave
Blinded by life and you hide in the darkness
Blinded by life with one foot in the grave
We want a perfect world we want the silver spoon
But if there was we'd find a way to reduce it into ruins
We're picking up the pieces we're always playing a game
One day we'll realize we are all to blame


Leave Them Behind

Straight into a vicious wind,
This is where it all begins
You bare your soul one last time,
Laying everything on the line
The struggle of so many years,
All the pain, all the tears
Still you're always pushing on,
Waiting for your day in the sun
We see with blood in our eyes,
Taking no prisoners
And leaving the weak ones behind
Years of rage made you insane,
You've traveled through both fire and rain
Good or bad this is your life,
Standing on the edge of the knife
What makes you weak can make you strong,
But in the end time marches on
So make your mark and make it now,
You'll go down in history somehow
We see with blood in our eyes
Taking no prisoners
And leaving the weak ones behind
Leaving behind
Now is the time, the time to rise
Now is the time, the time to rise
Staring at a vicious man,
This is where it all began
Break the mirror one last time,
Laying everything on the line
We see with blood in our eyes
Taking no prisoners
And leaving the weak ones behind
Leaving behind
Leaving behind


Weight of the World

You're caught in a vice by your own device,
torment and pressure, a way of life
You felt the stardom and tasted the fruit,
you claw your way back
It's all that you can do
Falling from grace, so many have done,
get to the top and bask in the sun
Make some mistakes, it's part of the game,
when you play it everything's to gain
The weight of the world upon your shoulders,
it's the weight of the world
The struggle within archaic desire,
claim your right and devour
All that surrounds you, all you can take,
don't let your last
Be your last mistake
The pressure is building, the vice becomes tighter,
under the gun and into the fire
Burning and burning, no escape to be found
The weight of the world is keeping you down
The weight of the world upon your shoulders
The pressure is building, an unwilling soldier
The weight of the world is keeping you down
Oh, your world is crashing down to the ground


Hero's Soul

You've got to live for the moment, you've got to go for the throat
You're given only one chance and you know that life's too short
Feel your pulse getting stronger, no fear in your eyes
Never showing weakness and you never compromise
The hero's soul, drifting forever
The hero's soul, always searching for better
Until the end of the road
Adversity is a challenge it's not something you ignore
And your life is such a struggle and your back's against the wall
Lost in swirling madness, lost without a home
Just rid yourself of torment and hit the open road
The journey through this life can be an unforgiving hell
Your loneliness is safety, as far as I can tell
You've put your best foot forward, you've taken two steps back
You're getting nowhere faster and now there's no turning back