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Cross on My Mind

I used to take the bus to the ocean
To the spot you said to meet
I walked past everyone I didn't want to see
And with the sun at its departure
And your body close to me
Every word was spoken nervously
I know you never really liked people
I didn't mean to make that worse
I'd give everything I am for who you were
I've got a cross buried in my mind
Swayin' with the morning breeze
Crucify my baby while I sleep
And I know that time is against us
But we really need to speak
'Cause I'm so sick of waking halfway through an apology
I'm sorry for the letter
I didn't expect you to respond
I guess that's what it's like when you're gone
Now I'm dying for a Friday
One where I actually leave
I still know the roads that take me to your street

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Mother and daughter relationship(dl)

Eyes are you .. and you are
The pillar is you in the trunk
Color is the sky you are
You and you are alive
Many a day dream
One day
The longing is over
I took you by yourself
I am you
Face white sheet
By kissing in it
Dear I did a whitepaper
Water in journal saliva
Because of solving
You made amendments there, my dear
(Eyes are you. And you are)
This minute you too
I longed for it
As the next child
I always wanted to be
Shoulder blade
The cradle is only halfway
Speaking in hundreds of languages
You are the first genius
Music makes a lot of noise
Ravana is the Idilla Nimakan
Before anything else
Pit cheek
Dear I have seen my paradise
Before anything else
In the finger mattress
Dear I gave my whole lot
Two eight left me
Stay tuned
Grab yourself again
Guess to put in the womb
Length of route to go
Blue skies on the roof
Ravivarman you while tapping on the wall
If you are hungry you are the mystery of the human looking for the mother
You are my pride
Five hundred mountain of sea five hundred
You've got yourself beyond this
The body is corneal
You will rule the soil for several hundred years
Eyes are you .. and you are
You are the pillar
The color is you .. and you
You and you ..

Call Me Devil

I aint no angel
Don't got no halo
I Cut off my wings
Made my momma scream
Im your darkest dream

They call me devil
My heart is empty
They call me devil
Just try and tempt me

I'll steal your soul
I'll eat you whole
Aint no other way

They call me devil
And you should be afraid

I will tell you lies
I'll crawl inside your mind

Grab hold of your eyes
I will make you mine
And Im gonna take my time

ERBOW #11 Swifpaw vs. Shrewpaw

Swiftpaw in the den, I'm the bravest cat you'll ever meet. Part time I be slaying dogs and the other I just slay this beat. And just like how my name implies, I'm the swiftest of the swift.
I'm about to leave you in the dust so get on it, if you can catch my drift. My accomplishments stretch from here all the way to high stones.
You can try to win but I'll laugh when you fail to hold your own. Shrewpaw? HA! Who in Starclan could that be? Hang on, can we pause this? I need to check the Warriors wiki.
You were in the books for like two sentences. Are they trying to make us battle cuz we are both appretices? Cuz that's unfair to you, the Windclan version of me. We should keep this tame and have you admit defeat.
Oh Shrew you got no chance, I got slaughtered by a pack of dogs. My death is legendary. Yours is lamer than a crusty log. Out of all the ways to kick the can, I can't believe you chased a pheasant. I'm the OG TC king and hero, bow down to me you peasant!
That's all he wrote, glad you got that out of your system. If you were shootin' for the pity vote, I can assure you, you missed it.
Oh, Swifty buddy c'mon dude this isn't worth debating, besides when you talk like that it kind of sounds like your compensating. Reliability, Integrity, I've got all the things you lack I stayed loyal to my leader, you went and blabbed behind her back. It's no wonder you died an apprentice, you empulsive entitled frill. I hope my words haunt you like pack pack, KILL KILL. Yeah so your end was way more gory , but atleast my death had respect, you were off chasin some glory. Atleast my mother had the decency to stick to one mate. Your evil step dad killed a queen to have a fill-in dog bate.
Your family's week. Their greatest attribute is how they drop like flies and if they make it they just suck, refer to ERBOW number 5.
At least I know who my parents are!
At least I'm not an Inbred hi**
(swiftpaw and shrewpaw fighting)
Fallen Leaves:
I see the pair of you goons didn't get and wiser in your afterlife or maybe swift and shrew didn't get the clue that they're the rap war no one asked for. You best believe that fallen leaves will take the lead and beat this beef 'tween these two beasts more fiercely than you've ever seen. Now you know that death's no competition but if it was it would be my paws who would claim that blue ribbon. Wrote my tragedy on the walls, felt my sanity drain and fall. Neither of you two will be remembered, but I'll be here kickin' it with the main character.