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Free - not longer in your world
I've presented
I would be free
Free - in a sea of tears
When life is fair - it's over
Rain trickling to the window
Gray sky, full of tears
Lines up itself in the round of dance
Distributes the light
Pictures pass
Happy End canceled
No end in white
Scrabble in thoughts
Summer wind feelings
The autumn storm has swept away
Dreams pass
As comets on their course
Always return
Never arrive
Life is the answer
On the run from loneliness
Cannot give you mine
You were hurt and I am sorry
Life means change
What ties us up
Does not release us
Life should be free
Search for an answer
On the way from togetherness
Cannot give them to you
Hurts me, I feel sorrow
Desirable thoughts
Some wishes too bold
Lights glistening bright
If they burn up