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Devin Townsend - Stormbending versuri lyrics


Time is a human construct, and you were below the waves
Time after time, July was in her eyes
But if you lie, you lie to your soul
Your soul let it flyI remember the rainy days in Chinatown
Oh, I hope you'll be okay
Time after time, July was in her eyes
But if you lie, you lie to your soul
All we're offering is a chance to be loved

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Walk Softly

No man can walk this earth
And fair without pain, or grief
Even the most gifted in life
They too cannot escape it
What makes men as they are
Know regret has no favorites
Misery and pain spare none
And death comes to claim all
In the wailing of others woes
We feel ourselves profoundly
Compassion comes from knowing
Feelings intense are for us akin
To make sorrow thrive purposely
For self, for others with malice
Is a force much more destructive
As if there wasn't sufficient now
So if we all feel grief sincerely
Would it be better to walk softly
True might still can shed a tear
Knowing we all feel, and grieve


Tried At Altitude

In the high mountains
Far above the tree line
Where rock, and scree lie
Snow and ice reign too
Oxygen so sparse there
As if to grasp it in mid air
Like precious fruits of life
To sustain breath labored
The stinging wind cold
That bites at ears and nose
Finding fingers feel afire
Bones pang as if splinted
Moustache frozen solid
Growing in every breath
Mind fogged by altitude
No hunger, save for oxygen
The chattering of gear slung
Screws, flukes and pickets
A pack that groans along
Speaking out on every step
Crampons feel as if affixed
Hampered, heavy steps trod
The cold seeps in through
Its grip on the ice axe head
A storm has blown in
Covering all features sharp
In a blinding blanket white
Darkness dawns, shadows stilled
Everything in ableptic haze
A kingdom cragged gone blank
Its perils well camouflaged
Only the seasoned survive
The trek is treacherous
Disheartening at times
The measure of men here
Tis easy to perish too
If only but to fall asleep
A dreamless slumber e'er near
Where there is warmth plenty
And hardships are e'er eased
Still trudging ever onward
The thought to quit concealed
Its voice muted in purpose
That failure would not keep
Tried at altitude, alone so
Self tried and tested there
Where luck and skill prevail
Its outcome e'er uncertain


Tomb Of The Unknown - Ode To The Old Guard

In somber silence
At a quick step
Day and night
In all weather
Faithfully kept
Silently stood
A watch obligated
By duty's dictates
Through rain and shine
Twenty one paces
And turn to pause
To render honours
In the night alone
No crowds about
Whilst America is
At their ease afar
Sentries stand watch
In reverent silence
But no, n'er forsook
Peace, Victory, and Valor
They stand guard too
Amidst wreaths of laurels
A white marble sarcophagus
Three crypts so very near
Representing freedom's cost
Reminding us of respect
Granted to those who gave all
With anonymity virtuous
The full measure of man
Their sacrifices given
E'er to keep vigilant
Twenty one paces
Turn to pause
In faithful obligation
Giving full measure
In the quiet night
Alone in thought



I don't understand you
Why should you?
You don't understand me
Why should I?
You don't understand me
Why should you?
I don't understand you
Why should I?