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welcome to the jungle.
this is just where we fight.
the weak become the prey.
only the strongest survive.
come at me.
come and say what you wanna say.
face to face.
here stand.
i won't run away.
all the words you say are meaningless to me.
cause you're hiding behind the mask of your conceit.
go tweet on teier.
while i'm getting bigger.
you'll never see a fire in my eyes.
cause you are dead inside.
say it say it say it.
say it to my face.
what a poor little boy you are.
we'll fucking tear you up.
showtime motherfucker.
it's on.
i'm ready to drop this bumb on this fucking song.
if you're 555 then i'm 666.
shut your fucking mouth.
and put your horns in the air.
hey hey.
you can run but you can't hide.
hey hey.
can't compare to how we grind.
hey hey.
if you wish to stay alive?
hey hey.
throw your sing up in the sky.
say what say what.
step up step up.
say what say what.
step up motherfucker.
you gotta live it to take credit and represent it.
bitches whining cause we're styling.
as we murder your pride.
we've got 99 problems.
but a bitch ain't one.
hit me.
hit me if you dare.
we will tear you up.
we will tear you down.