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Used to be on Booth St. seeing 2D
Now we do 3 1080 HD
Go press the AC, yelling like it hate me
When the sun start screaming, I let my ice save me
I put it on and my temperature dropping
Father time diamonds, press pause and they stop ya'
Cryogenic pendants, Ima' be the last fossil
Now for my next trick I will die proper
Loaded my duffel with these blades and they just got polished
Thinking about the day brings me nothing but silence
Runnin' up with that, fuck it, I'm glad that I left my baggage
They all asked if it happened, replied with laughter
Never one to banter, I wanna up the ante
Every day I take the standard and put it where they can't see
Forever where they can't be, never understand me
I'd rather be the one they hate than the one they think is friendly
Dot zip the competition if there ever was any
Drag to the trash, ash, then i right click empty
U can't edit this body, all these layers are locked away
Told them 'system 32' is something they don't need to operate
Systems frozen, now everybody hate me
Nothing new to me, I'm used to it thankfully
Reboot text, yes, you can all thank me
I am the virus that got your heart racing
Once I hit you with that backspace, you ain't comin' back
Ctrl Alt Delete you, give me space like tab

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Reason to Believe

I've been waiting for something for so long
To show me the answers that I want
A reason to believe in that's so strong
But I don't think that it exists

I've been waiting for something for so long
To show me the answers that I want
A reason to believe in that's so strong
But I don't think that it exists

Yeah, give me reason to believe
This world is not a sick machine
When everywhere's a dead end in every direction
Yeah, can you give me what I need
Or just sit and watch me bleed?
'Cause after all, you can't get everything you want now

But all we need is love
Faith to keep me moving on

Everybody's got a secret, can you tell me what is mine?
Can you tell me what you'd find, I'll tell you if you keep it
I promise not to lie, ooh

Well, I have the fears, the pain and the tears I just can't hide
It all disappears 'cause everything passes with the tide
All you need is reason to believe

Sing we and chant it

Sing we and chant it
while love doth grant it,
fa la la, etc.
Not long youth lasteth,
and old age hasteth;
now is best leisure
to take our pleasure,
fa la la, etc.
All things invite us
now to delight us,
fa la la, etc.
Hence, care, be packing!
no mirth be lacking!
Let spare no treasure
to live in pleasure,
fa la la, etc.

Fain îi, Doamne, al meu sat

Fain îi, Doamne, al meu sat
Mă mir de ce l-am lăsat
Că m-am dus, mamă, departe
Că m-am dus, mamă, departe
Nu ţi-oi putea scrie carte

Pe sub nuc tata coseşte
Da' doru' meu îl opreşte
Stă pe iarbă supărat
Stă pe iarbă supărat
Se-ntreabă de ce-am plecat

Am plecat crezând că-i bine
Da' necazu-i tot cu mine
N-am ştiut, tăicuţul meu
N-am ştiut, tăicuţul meu
Să ascult de sfatu' tău

Pe-o creangă cucu' cânta
Şi-mi alina inima
Îmi pui capul pe pernuţă
Îmi pui capul pe pernuţă
Că-i de la a mea măicuţă

Mă-ntorc, satule, în tine
Că acolo mi-o fi bine
Părinţii m-or învăţat
Părinţii m-or învăţat
Să nu plec din al meu sat

M-au învăţat să preţuiesc
M-au învăţat să preţuiesc
Locu-n care eu trăiesc

The Angel cried to the Lady full of grace

The Angel cried to the Lady full of grace:
Rejoice, rejoice O pure Virgin!
Again, I say rejoice! Your son is risen
from his three days in the tomb.
With himself he has raised all the dead.
Rejoice, rejoice O ye people'
Shine, Shine! Shine O new Jerusalem
The Glory of the Lord has shown on you
Exult now, exult and be glad O Sion.
Be radiant, O Theotokos, in the Resurrection
the Resurrection of your Son