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Hawaiian Mazes

I wanna meet tomorrow
Yesterday made me a fool today
I tried my best to follow
But you moving too fast on ya daddy long legs
You say I'm destined to live in stories
I can't let go 2008
You say my nostalgia grows when I don't even know
That the way you're proposing to say my name
I gotta let you go
I'm letting you know
I gotta let you go
Baby now I know
You think about our ending
I think about when I met you though
Dad says I'm just pretending
Said that I'm just scared that I'll end up alone
I walked around the Hawaiian mazes
I didn't care I forgot my bra
'Cause the dragon teeth ain't worried
About letting go of the tightness I hold on the rope like a soldier
I gotta let you go
I'm letting you know
I gotta let you go
Baby now I know
I make myself believe that I can go
'Cause we been up and over then below
For heaven sake
Would you leave
Shut the door
Let me go
Let you know why
It's gonna take a minute to unfold
The way that I've been feelings overtold
Telling me why you left and then complain you're alone and I don't know why
But babe it was something bout the way you loved me
Now I don't know
Now I don't know me anymore
I'm letting go
And you don't have to tell me twice
And you should know
I never needed your advice
I shoulda known back then
Now I know it's right
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go
I gotta let you go

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History Lesson - Part II

Our band could be your life
Real names'd be proof
Me and Mike Watt, we played for years
Punk rock changed our lives
We learned punk rock in Hollywood
Drove up from Pedro
We were fucking corndogs
We'd go drink and pogo
Mr. Narrator
This is Bob Dylan to me
My story could be his songs
I'm his soldier child
Our band is scientist rock
But I was E. Bloom, Richard Hell
Joe Strummer and John Doe
Me and Mike Watt, playing guitar

Serene Seas

Saline spances singularly separate
God's guardians grouping glorious games
With wandering whims of witless wards
Briny broad barriers bathing and brimming
Fences fashion fervent fine friends
Differences denied of decent denizens
Dogs daring dash from deficient domain
Tides turning this tempestuous target
Wide water's waves wash, wear away
Tactics traces and trials terrible
Deep and dark, this distant drink
Mandating mans' moments to mend, to muse
Tracing in temporal tumult's trails
Recently removing the riotous rabble
Those wonderously warp-willed waves
Sustained on a segregating serene seas

911 & Mr. Lonely

Part I: 911
[Intro: Tyler, The Creator]
(Call me, call me, call me) Uh
(Call me, call me, call me) Uh
(Call me, call me, call me) Uh
(Call me, call me, call me)
(Call me) How you doin'?
(Call me) My name is Lonely, nice to meet you
Here's my number
You can reach me, woo!
[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator]
(Call me)
911, call me some time
(You should call me)
911, call me some time
911 (You should call me, oh)
911 (Call me)
[Verse 1: Tyler, The Creator]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My thirst levels are infinity and beyond
Sippin' on that lemonade, I need a Beyoncé
Can't see straight, these shades are Céline Dion
Sucks you can't gas me up, shout out to Elon
Musk, yeah, I got a sold out show
Crowd wild out but don't matter 'cause you not front row
I've been lookin' for a keeper, listen to the speaker
If you fit description, hit me on my beeper
At that 911
[Bridge:Steve Lacy, Anna of the North & Tyler, The Creator]
Call me some time (ring, ring, ring)
Please bang my line, you know I'll answer (click)
Call me some time (ring, ring, ring)
Please bang my line
[Chorus: Tyler, The Creator & Anna of the North]
Call me
911, call me some time
You should call me
911, call me some time
911, (you should call me, oh)
911, (you should call me)
[Verse 2: Frank Ocean]
Chirp, chirp
Chirp, chirp
Woke up in the 'burbs, 'burbs, with the birds, birds
Where you used to come and get me with the swerve, swerve
These days you gotta find time
Even the night line
Work line
Dial nine
[Verse 3: Tyler, The Creator]
Five car garage
Full tank of the gas
But that don't mean nothing, nothing
Nothin', nothin', without you shotgun in the passenger
I'm the loneliest man alive
But I keep on dancing to throw 'em off
I'm gon' run out of moves 'cause I can't groove to the blues
If you know any DJs, tell 'em to call me at 911...
Part II: Mr. Lonely
[Intro: A$AP Rocky, ScHoolboy Q & Tyler, The Creator]
I can't even lie, I've been lonely as fuck
Old lonely ass nigga
I can't even lie, I've been lonely as fuck
Forreal, you need to go somewhere, like, get some bitches or something
I can't even lie, I've been lonely as fuck
Old weird ass nigga
I can't even lie, I've been
Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely
[Verse: Tyler, The Creator]
They say the loudest in the room is weak
That's what they assume, but I disagree
I say the loudest in the room
Is prolly the loneliest one in the room (that's me)
Attention seeker, public speaker
Oh my God, that boy there is so fuckin' lonely
Writin' songs about these people
Who do not exist, he's such a fuckin' phony
One thing I know, is that I wanna
Win so bad, but I'm not Chicago
Heart is low, it's real low, it's so low
You can't lift me up, I'm like Gallardo
From the start it's been real dark
It's been so dark, I guess that you could call me charbroiled, huh
I'm playin' like Hasbro
I'm really Saari, call me Arto
Crashed the McLaren, bought me a Tesla
I know you sick of me talkin' 'bout cars (skrrt)
But what the fuck else do you want from me?
That is the only thing keepin' me company
Purchase some things until I'm annoyed
These items is fillin' the void
Been fillin' it for so long
I don't even know if it's shit I enjoy (ohh)
Current battle as an adult
My partner is a shadow
I need love, do you got some I could borrow?
Fuck it, I could find some tomorrow
But that never comes
Like a vasectomy, what have I done?
I got the talent, the face and the funds
Found myself long ago but I haven't found someone (who)
Mirror, mirror on the wall (who)
The loneliest of them all (me)
Cupid actin' stupid
Do you got another number I could call?
Never had a pet
I've never had a pet
There's more fish in the sea
But I never had a goldfish to begin with
I never had a dog
So I've never been good with bitches
'Cause I never threw a ball, fetch
I never had a pet, that's where it stems from, I bet
Treat me like direct deposit
Check in on me sometime
Ask me how I'm really doin'
So I never have to press that 911
[Outro: Jasper]
Ohh! Damn! Damn!


Ohhhhh Ehhhh Ohhh
They say Thats
Out With The Old
And In With The New
Let The Kids Stand Tall
And The Critics Review
Don't Talk Down Your Nose About Old Habits
Ya Gotta Kick It To Understand It
Ohhhhh Ehhhh Ohhh
They say Thats
Ohhhhh Ehhhh Ohhh
They say Thats
People In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Rocks
People Marked Stupid Shouldn't Talk
And People In A Maze You're Always Lost
I Get Sick In The State Of Rock