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The Key Is Inside The Wall

The key is inside the wall
Every wall. Every way
Every minute. You don't understand
Dying reveals the wish
Wishing is the beyond
A seance is beyond
Talk to the four keys
Lock yourself in
Confused isolation heroics
Chilled concern fragments
Morbid kaleidoscope draws you in
Stigmata of satan pulls you out
Downbeaten souls, bowed heads
Competance of guardians impotent
Glorious idiots of the flesh
Stake out the danger in our heads
Walk free but mind your fingers
Thought you would fly away with satan
Fingers able. Just stumps now
The key is inside the wall

Duck Of Gloat

Too old to wring the secret from the master
The well you encountered as a child
Merely acknowledging the beacon now
And now you are not well any longer
So this is the pact of the gloat
Double hell for all
All to repair and one to watch
No freedom in these domains
Hail the satan
Sinister duke of gloat
Wrap up the wretched fates
Intriguing eternal laughter
Of endless futile life toils
Shrapnel wounds
From shattered inner gargoyles
So this is the pact of the gloat
Brave beating hearts, But
All must repair while one beholds
No freedom in these domains

Alp Man

Half-hearted black-hearted rams
Interstellar fugitives
Doing their bit for the universal dam
Coined is the black metal prairie
Sharing your weapons
Will it lead to its dullness
Will you buy better (ones)?
Will they be forlorn?
Will you need a receipt, bounty hunter?
Your trade eventually took you to Swiss alps
Carefree void of everything, then might
High watcher; inner fear of scalping edges
This and these
Tear jerking calamities
Stuffed tightly with earth-like fears
Solemn shit no one hears
Prairie (seems like) a good choice now
The crimson sky is the limit
Although chances ahead are scarce
The racket is rigged as you die