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Translator cat...

Translator cat finds an unknown word.
Very cautiously he surrounds it. A paw
Here and there a whisker there and here.
He catches it and cuts it into pieces.
Does the meaning come from the nerve,
The bone, the brain? A hollow brain?
He buries it and has a pee on it. A valuable
Word? He puts it into the archive chamber
To build a new world on it. Naturally
Scholar cat.

« Because of that color… »

John muscular and sweet
From Caribbean ancestors,
French and English colonies.
“How educated you are
Behaving so properly!”
A finger on his front arm
“Because of that color…”
But black and white are no
Colors. Let us be all rainbow
Colored, a bridge upon insane
Lout people to get rid of.

« Do you know what it means to be me? »

« Do you know what it means to be me? »
Billy Ella Nina, yes I do. Harlem New York,
Attending a magical, to be free meeting.
They were black in white tunics, I was white
And an orange long dress was wearing on.
They asked the spirits to choose the one
Bearing the Fire to go back to Africa, to freedom.
Me they chose, I refused; they waited, I accepted.
They rejoiced. Going to Black Africa, I did; but they
Simply chose the no slavery mind, knowing what it
Meant to be Billy Holiday Ella Fitzgerald Nina Simone.

Black Sea.

Black sea belongs
To itself and none-others.
So many humans went through
So many humans went by
So many humans here died.
Cultural melting pot
Cultural jack pot
Every one grasps
But none succeeds.
Polluted as it is
Black of sorrow
Sea of pity.
That’s just a memory
Of what human is worth
No faith no soul
An abyss of greediness.
I sailed on it
Illuminated by white light,
Sea of Spirit.

All that jazz.

Cats are quarrelling
About Russian language
Difficult enough to staying quite
As I got stuck into 2 dictionaries
And 2 French- Russian grammars…
But then I discovered a new sentence.
Ну и группа такая, с прибамбасами.
I always knew the wonderful
Musical background of Russian speaking …
Cats have as deep a heart
As sharp a claw.
They all are aristocrats
Even when an ear is missing….
I do love Russian cats.

Cats brass band.

Times are heavy.
The one in charge
Unable to fit the job
Prefers pushing to war
And disturbing all
Peaceful neighbors.
Cats are taking in
Drums and clarinets
To deafening all false
Illiterate speeches.
No, scientists and historians
Are not to obey
That self-satisfied ruler,
Neither any brained citizen.
Times are heavy.
Cats will play their scores.
To die free is better
Than dying for dumbness.
Never will a cat abdicate
His dignity.

Cats engineering.

An eye – green and gold.
A paw – with a claw.
A tail – to sweep
Anything away.
Will you obey, master?
Pay taxes and rents
To give me a good home?
And master does.
Not to have the carpet wet…
Not to have the vase broken…
Then comes the computer.
To get rid of it?
Seat on the keyboard.
Pull out cables.
Mew awfully to disable
All good willing WIFI.
Strange news from Behemoth, Russia.
A quite special ruler wants a national
“Internet” network in a coffin box.
Doesn’t know cats’ spirit
Uses freedom wavelength
No one can stop. Good engineering.

Cybernetics. West/ East.

Analyzing the wrong side of a population
Rebellion side
Collecting data
Data going the wrong way for Kapital*.
No way to put fairness/ unfairness in algorithms
Somewhere an engineer will go
Through the mirror.
Someone chose another way
No scientist for sure.
Enlarging the penal code
To whatever displeases the tsar.
But then cybernetics won.
Choosing no fertility is
Best algorithm
To make rulers useless.


Cats dislike open sky rubbish.
It smells.
It poisons.
Rats are not tasteful.
…. The government should be
Put in court.
But worst.
Behemoth’s team uses flying carpets.
Hand woven full wool carpets.
And now a day there are
Plenty of rubbish satellites around earth.
… Should be put in jail
All those against Nature terrorists.


Once upon a time
There was an iron curtain.
Now there will be a Russian
“Sovereign internet”.
So to speak a state internet
Which is technical nonsense.
A firewall is no jail
But a tool to secure
The input data flow.
Billions of rubles to satisfy
The devil in his box.
No firewall against madness.