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Old Town Road

Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more
Kio, Kio
[Verse 1]
I got the horses in the back
Horse tack is attached
Hat is matte black
Got the boots that's black to match
Ridin' on a horse, ha
You can whip your Porsche
I been in the valley
You ain't been up off that porch, now
Can't nobody tell me nothin'
You can't tell me nothin'
Can't nobody tell me nothin'
You can't tell me nothin'
[Verse 2]
Ridin' on a tractor
Lean all in my bladder
Cheated on my baby
You can go and ask her
My life is a movie
Bull ridin' and boobies
Cowboy hat from Gucci
Wrangler on my booty
Can't nobody tell me nothin'
You can't tell me nothin'
Can't nobody tell me nothin'
You can't tell me nothin'
Yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more
I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road
I'm gonna ride 'til I can't no more
I got the—

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Stand right up and be your witness
2 Unlimited, oh yeah, we're the fittest
Moving, don't you dare to be a chicken
'Cause the bass is so finger licking
Let it move y'all, till it suits y'all
This beat was put here to groove y'all
The A, the N, the Y, the T, the A
Back to back with the homeboy Ray
I'm going to the galaxy like a bomb
Don't wanna come, and you're dumb[?]1
On the scene, a beauty queen
And all the those things that you ever dreamed of
Welcome to it, keep on striving
'Cause you know it's about surviving
Keep your ears open for the death tone
'Cause we came through the lights and just come along
Delight, delight, delight
Delight gives me good vibrations
Fills me up with nice sensations
On and on till I can take no more
Delight is what I came here for
Please let me tell you this
This is a chance you cannot miss
2 Unlimited on the scene
And yes, I am a beauty queen
Delight, delight, delight
  • 1. Other sites say 'your dawn', which doesn't make much sense to me but I can't make either out for sure.

Granite Tops

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Alright check me out!
No I don't claim to know the struggle
'Cause I've never lived it but
Life for me hasn't always been photogenic and perfect
Only I can make my own self determined
Not a parent, a preacher, a teacher, Jesus or verdict could overturn
This will power that I got burnin'
So deep inside of me trying unecessary like cursive
And no my parents aren't divorced
My pops never vanished
They act like since I've always had granite tops
That I take this shit for granited, dammit
That isn't further from the truth
Who gives a damn if I was brought up astute?
They say
'You don't have the financial problems all these real rappers do and you ain't even bustin' caps in dudes'
And just because I have a passion for rappin'
The world expects me to?
Now that's the stupidest thing that I've ever heard
I'm just gon' flip em' the bird
I'm wakin' up in the early morning hours
A powerful work etchi's so unheard of in this day
And age I'll make my way regardless of the haters hatin'
Envy is a shameful trait
Sometimes I feel there's no escape from the scrutiny and judgements
And really
Theres not it's gonna keep comin
As long as long as the youngin' is buzzin'
So I just accept it and laugh
And as much as I love the cash it's so much deeper than that
Bein' iconics what I'm striving for while sleeping
I snap into a new reality within my dreams
And then I wake up to the exact same thing
'Cause recently my life is flipped 180 degrees
I was never the most confident of my friends
I remember down in my basement
Sammy, Big Mikes and Biggs
They made me rap for em'
Threatening me with shit if I didn't
Lowkey makin fun of me as I spit
You know how it is
Probably thinking to them selves
'you better stick to your day job'
But now the jokes on them
'Cause that's exactly what this is
Gettin the types of girls I used to not
Kinda goes to show as an example
How I'm used a lot
But no I'm not complaining
'Cause no I didn't got the moral compass of the gods
Honestly sometimes I fuck up
I'm just a human
Sometimes I'm out until the sun's up
But that's just how it is when you're young buck
Livin' on my own only 18
Don't really like the clubs much
I'd rather chill and puff one
But that's besides the fact
Hip hop head claiming I can't mess with em' 'cause this or that
And they're viners and they have young girls for the fans
But man at least those girls love me just for who I am
I, I guess they'll never understand it's aight

I'm a Stranger Here Myself

Tell me, is love still a popular suggestion
Or merely an obsolete art?
Forgive me for asking this simple question,
I'm unfamiliar with his heart -
I am a stranger here myself.

Why is it wrong to murmur, 'I adore him'
When it's shamefully obvious I do?
Does love embarrass him or does it bore him?
I'm only waiting for my clue -
I'm a stranger here myself.

I dream of a day, of a gay warm day
With my face between his hands.
Have I missed the path? Have I gone astray?
I ask but no one understands.

Love me or leave me,
That seems to be the question.
I don't know the tactics to use,
But if he should offer
A personal suggestion,
How could I possibly refuse,
When I'm a stranger here myself?

Please tell me, tell a stranger
My curiosity goaded!
Is there really any danger
That love his now out-moded?

I'm interested especially
In knowing why you waste it.
True romance is so fleshly;
With what have you replaced it?

What is your latest foible?
Is Gin Rummy more exquisite?
Is skiing more enjoyable?
For heaven's sake, what is it?

I can't believe
That love has lost its glamor,
That passion is really passé.
If gender is just a term in grammar,
How can I ever find my way,
Since I'm a stranger here myself?

How can he ignore my available condition?
Why these Victorian views?
You see here before you a woman with a mission,
I must discover the key to his ignition
And then if he should make a diplomatic proposition,
How could I possibly refuse?
How could I possibly refuse -
When I'm a stranger here myself?